Is this you?

Equestrians fall into several of categories:

  1. Serious competitors

  2. Non-competitors who love horses, love to ride, and like to learn

  3. Non-riders who like the companionship of horses and may want to develop a deeper partnership with them

Is this you?

As a general rider:

You are:

  • Faced with situations with your horse that challenge your competence and erode your confidence.

  • Unsure about how to relax you mind and body for better riding and improved performance.

  • Telling yourself that you canít succeed and seeing mounting evidence for that everywhere.

  • Frustrated with your riding progress even after hours and hours of technical practice.

  • Avoiding riding activities that you once enjoyed because you feel anxious and afraid.

  • Losing your belief in yourself that you can solve your riding problems.

  • Effected by negative riding experiences that you canít seem to forget.

  • Losing your joy of riding, but donít want to quit.

As a serious competitor:

You are:

  • Technically ready on the day of the show, but your anxiety and self-confidence prevent you from winning.

  • Losing your momentum and focus the longer you show.

  • Unsure about how or when to talk with your instructor about your riding goals or problems.

  • Feeling less capable and competent at shows and losing trust in yourself and your horse.

  • Unable to transfer your riding skills from lessons to show ring.

  • Interested in gaining a greater competitive edge beyond what you already know.

If you see yourself in any of these statements, you are not alone.  There are many competent, dedicated riders who have learned to create the success they want.  Itís possible through Performance Coaching.


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