Imagine a world where you look forward to each ride and every experience you have with your horse.

Imagine having the belief in yourself that you can solve any riding problem you may encounter.

Imagine having the level of connection and harmony you have always wanted with your horse.

If you can imagine you can succeed!

Welcome to The Performance Edge -- dedicated to helping you achieve all that you can imagine in your pursuit of your equestrian dreams.

If you are reading this page it is likely that you are a rider and you love horses. You may also have something that you would like to learn or change. You may have a riding problem that you would like to solve, or maybe you are interested in expanding the skills and knowledge you already have. Maybe you want to win more consistently. Or may be you just want to have more fun more often with your horse.

If this is you, you have come to the right place.

Most riders began riding through a deep love of horses. What started out as fun may have turned into an experience of apprehension, disappointment, endless hard work, or simply boredom. Others may seriously contemplate quitting the riding that they once loved. Many dont see a solution in sight.

There is a solution.

The solution is Sport Psychology and Performance Coaching.

Research shows that both the mind and body are responsible for producing the results we want. Equestrian success is built not only on technical knowledge, but on mental training and psychological and physiological readiness.

This is as true for pleasure riding as it is for national competition. It is as true for groundwork as it is for perfecting the piaffe or riding a Prix St. George course. Its the same for all riders it is having the ability to influence your mind and body to create the results you want anywhere, anytime.

Which is really good news. If world class riders can learn to create success by this ability, so can you. And the even better news: it is easily learned through proven principals and techniques.

To find out more about whether Performance Coaching is right for you go to: Is This You?

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